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Passenger dies in Massachusetts motor vehicle accident

It is always important for Massachusetts drivers to pay attention to the traffic and road conditions around them. A case could be made that it is even more important when the vehicle in front of a driver is a motorcycle. Because those riders are more exposed in a motor vehicle accident than those in enclosed passenger vehicles, their injuries are often more serious and even fatal.

An example of the fragility of the lives of motorcycle riders occurred recently on Route 16 in Massachusetts. A motorcycle began slowing in the area of a campground. The vehicle behind it failed to slow in time to keep from colliding with the back of the motorcycle.

Did emergency room errors cause death of 7-year-old?

No parent in Massachusetts -- or anywhere else -- should have to watch the life drain out of his or her child. Sadly, that is what one out-of-state mother was forced to do in August 2010. A precautionary trip to the hospital after a household accident led to what the mother says were emergency room errors that killed her son.

The then 7-year-old boy was outside playing, got dirty and went in to take a bath. The first time his mother came in to check on him, she instructed him to refill the tub with clean water. She then went outside to talk and drink a cup of coffee with her father.

Massachusetts car accident kills 2, injures 5

Most Massachusetts drivers know that there are a lot of distractions on the road. Many parents would agree to multiply that if they are driving with children in the vehicle. Sadly, this may have all of the ingredients for a fatal car accident in the making.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, a two car head-on crash that killed two children and injured five others took crews some five hours to clear. The accident took place in Brimfield on Route 20 sometime around 5 p.m. Both cars were Honda Civics. A gold-colored Honda somehow crossed the center median directly into the path of the second vehicle, which was black.

Too early to know if charges will be filed in auto accident

Massachusetts State Police detectives and the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section (CARS) are investigating a crash that took place in Scituate recently between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle in tandem with local authorities. It is too early to tell whether charges are going to be filed in connection with the motorcycle vs. auto accident. County prosecutors will make that determination once it is believed all of the pertinent information has been gathered.

Information gathered to this point indicates that as the motorcycle was traveling south, a vehicle pulled out of a driveway and crashed into the motorcycle. The motorcycle rider suffered fatal injuries in the crash. Sadly, a lifelong friend of the victim was driving the vehicle right behind the motorcycle at the time of the crash.

Woman awarded $12M in medical malpractice claim

Massachusetts residents may have read about a hospital in a neighboring state that was recently ordered to pay a patient $12 million. The patient's medical malpractice claim was filed as the result of a surgical error in 2008. The woman still has lasting issues.

In 2008, the woman went into the hospital for a hernia operation that should have been routine. However, one of the two surgeons present perforated her colon. Neither surgeon noticed the rupture prior to completing the surgical procedure.

Cause of 3 car accident on I-95 south in Massachusetts unknown

Rush hour traffic on Interstate 95 south in Massachusetts was backed up for nearly 27 miles recently after an SUV collided with two other vehicles. At last report, police remained in the dark as to the cause of the deadly car accident. Once a cause is determined, the driver deemed to have been at fault could face criminal charges.

So far, police determined that an SUV originally in the northbound lanes of travel crossed the median into oncoming traffic in the southbound lanes. That vehicle struck another vehicle head-on. However, the northbound vehicle did not stop there. It continued on to slam into yet another vehicle before finally coming to rest.

Driver in car accident believed to have crossed center line

Massachusetts drivers need to exercise caution and pay attention on any road they driver, but two lane roads can require an extra amount of vigilance. In the blink of an eye, a driver who is distracted or somehow impaired could cross into oncoming traffic and cause a serious or fatal car accident. Police are not yet sure what caused a driver in a recent crash to veer across the centerline.

The two vehicles involved in the accident were heading in opposite directions on Massachusetts Route 9. The 57-year-old driver of the vehicle in the westbound lane ended up crossing the centerline into the path of the eastbound vehicle. The eastbound vehicle was unable to get out of the way, and the two vehicles collided.

Pedestrian killed in drunk driving accident in Massachusetts

Drunk drivers across the country continue to take the lives of innocent people, despite the plethora of information and proof that driving under the influence is dangerous. Recently, a pedestrian in Massachusetts was struck and killed in what police believe was a drunk driving accident. Witnesses indicate the pedestrian was in the crosswalk when he was hit. Police later located the vehicle and driver believed to be responsible.

Police and fire responded to a call regarding a person in a crosswalk being run down by a white box truck that failed to stop. Firefighters who heard the description of the vehicle alerted police that they saw a box truck matching it. Police converged on the area, and the box truck was pulled over for driving the wrong way down the street.

Massachusetts state trooper accused of drunk driving accident

Nearly everyone knows that driving after drinking is dangerous to the driver, his or her passengers and everyone around the impaired driver. The Massachusetts State Police spend a good deal of time enforcing the drinking and driving laws by taking drivers they suspect to be impaired off the state roads. Therefore, it may come as a surprise to some that a state trooper was recently arrested in connection with a suspected drunk driving accident on Route 114.

The trooper, who has been with the Massachusetts State Police since 2000, is suspected of being impaired when police say he caused a single car accident. The passenger in the trooper's vehicle suffered serious injuries in the crash. Emergency responders transported the man to an area hospital. His current condition is not known.

Education may predict recovery from traumatic brain injuries

Massachusetts residents may have heard about a new study that found a link between education and recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Researchers say that the higher a victim's education level, the better the chance of a full recovery. According to their results, nearly 39 percent of the patients with traumatic brain injuries that fully recovered had a college degree.

It is estimated that approximately 2.5 million people in the United States suffer such an injury each year. Falls or auto accidents cause the majority of those injuries. The Center for Disease Control reports that all 2.5 million injuries are from penetration into the head, a jolt or a blow to the head. Young adults and children die or suffer a disability from a brain injury more often than any other cause.

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