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September 2012 Archives

Settlement Reached for Client's Estate

Attorney David J. Kneeland, Jr. recently represented the Estate of a woman who was struck and killed by a commercial motor vehicle while walking her dog and attempting to cross the street by way of a cross-walk. Attorney Kneeland's client was a 67 year old woman who was temporarily residing with her brother in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Fatal car accident leaves 3-year-old boy without his mother

A fatal car accident is a tragic occurrence for the victim and the people whose lives were touched by the deceased. Some accidents are especially traumatic, however, and touch a nerve within a community. A recent car accident that has claimed the life of a 24-year-old Massachusetts woman is a stern reminder of the responsibilities each driver owes to the other people on the road. To some extent, our lives are in the hands of other drivers, which underscores the duty everyone has to drive safely and without prohibited chemical impairment.

Massachusetts wrong-way car accident kills 1, injures another

Wrong-way automobile crashes have been in the news in recent weeks. Drivers who take to the roads in Massachusetts and elsewhere know that there are inherent dangers involved in driving, and most take some form of precaution against the devastating effects of a car accident. Whether by reducing speed, wearing a safety belt or driving defensively, many people use proper caution while on the roads.

Medical malpractice: Donated kidney disposed of in trash

Organ transplant surgery has come a long way in recent years, and has saved many lives in Massachusetts and elsewhere that would have been lost just a few decades ago. Among such procedures, kidneys are the most commonly transplanted organ. The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network states that last year in the United States 11,000 kidney transplants were performed from deceased donors, and another 5,700 from living donors. However, no matter how advanced the surgical technique, human error can still lead to tragedy, and often to a medical malpractice suit.

Do I have a viable medical malpractice claim?

In our last post, we noted that Massachusetts recently adopted a new approach to medical malpractice claims, and that the new approach is seen as hopeful by both plaintiff's attorneys and physicians. The law, to be sure, will not allow for the peaceful settlement of every case of alleged medical error, and patients still need to be informed about their options.

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