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Worker's Compensation Benefits

Worker's Compensation Benefits may be very confusing and overwhelming. The following information may clarify certain benefits that you may be entitled to through Worker's Compensation Benefits.

Depending on an individual's type of employment, accidents that occur at the work place may result in serious or even catastrophic injuries. As a result of being injured at work, individuals may experience substantial economic loss and depending on the severity of the injuries, their future earning potential may be in jeopardy.

The first priority after being injured at your place of employment is securing workers compensation benefits. In Massachusetts, the Department of Industrial Accidents is responsible for overseeing the workers compensation system.

It is important to realize that workers compensation benefits do not include compensation for pain and suffering. Therefore, it is important to investigate whether a claim or lawsuit can be brought against a third-party. A third-party is typically someone other than the employer, such as an insurance company.

Employers are required by law to provide their employees with their insurance information.

In the event you have been injured at work and you have been unable to earn your full wages for five full or partial working days, your employer is obligated to report your injury to the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents and their insurance company. During this process, it is important for the injured employee to keep records of all documents they may receive from any insurance company or their employer.

Typically, an employee who is injured at work may be entitled to one of the following benefits:

Partial Incapacity Benefits-An employee may qualify for this benefit if they are still able to work, but have been unable to perform specific job duties as a result of their injury.

Permanent and Total Incapacity Benefits-An employee may qualify for this benefit if they have become permanently unable to perform their work as result of their injuries.

Temporary Total Incapacity Benefits-An employee may qualify for this benefit if their injury has left them unable to work for six or more working calendar days.

Permanent Loss of Function and Disfigurement Benefits-An employee may qualify for this type of benefit if their injury has caused a permanent loss of a particular body function, disfigurement or scarring.

Benefits for Spouses and Dependents- This type of benefit is available to spouses and dependents if their loved one was an employee that has died as a result of a work related injury.

It is beneficial for any injured employee to consult with an attorney specializing in worker's compensation benefits, as an experienced attorney will make sure that all potential claims are identified and advise the injured party of the appropriate way to pursue additional damages for pain and suffering.

If you would like additional information and assistance with workers compensation benefits, please contact Attorney David Kneeland at 508-756-6206 or visit our website at www.gskandglaw.com

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