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November 2012 Archives

Multiple amputations lead to medical malpractice suit

While everyone strives to maintain their health and avoid emergency medical care, it is virtually impossible to completely avoid treatment. At some point, an illness or injury will lead most Massachusetts residents to seek the care of a doctor or other health care provider. A recently filed medical malpractice suit reminds us that it is important to speak up when it appears that our health care needs are not being adequately met.

Massachusetts hit-and-run car accident kills bread truck driver

When a driver is involved in a car crash, he or she is expected to remain on the scene, render aid if possible, call for help and wait for emergency responders to arrive. These actions are not only outlined by law, they are also the basis of simple human kindness. However, not every driver chooses to follow those rules, and an astounding number of drivers involved in a serious car accident will simply leave the scene. This scenario recently played out in a fatal Massachusetts crash.

Fatal car accident in Massachusetts result of OWI

Any time a life is lost in a car accident, the outcome is tragic for those close to the victim. Such accidents also serve to remind the rest of us how fragile life can be. Some crashes are so terrible that they elicit a stronger response from the community. Such is the case in a recent Massachusetts car accident that took the life of one woman and brought severe injury to a man, both of whom were passengers in the vehicle.

Medical malpractice: Delayed care led to genital amputation

When it comes to medical care, the timing of evaluation, diagnosis and the implementation of treatment can mean the difference between success and failure, or in some circumstances, life and death. A recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit claims that delays in evaluation and subsequent treatment left one man with no choice other than to be subjected to genital amputation in order to save his life. Patients in Massachusetts and across the nation should take note of the potential consequences of allowing a proper diagnosis to be delayed.

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