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February 2013 Archives

Apparent drunk driving car accident injures pedestrian

One man is likely counting his blessings after surviving being hit by a car. In the vast majority of car versus human collisions, the news report involves a fatality. However, in this Massachusetts case, the 72-year old man was able to survive his injuries. Police have arrested the driver who struck him and charged the man with OUI, operating a motor vehicle to endanger, OUI causing serious injury and leaving the scene of a crash in the suspected drunk driving car accident.

New medical technology may help spinal cord injury victims

When a Massachusetts resident sustains injury to his or her spinal cord, their lives can literally change in an instant. It's often the case that paralysis results from this kind of injury, which may require intensive medical care for a long period of time depending on the severity of the injury. The change also affects the victim's friends and family, as they may also have to adjust to the new reality of living alongside someone with spinal cord injuries.

Brain injuries can lead to lifelong health care needs

Nothing can be more distressing to a Massachusetts family than a severe injury sustained by a child. When such an event occurs, the family is immediately thrown from the normal course of their lives and into a chaotic, stressful and terrifying situation in which a wide range of decisions must be made. In cases in which a child has suffered a brain injury at the hands of medical professionals, there may be legal matters to consider, in addition to the immediate medical needs.

Young man killed during hit-and-run accident

Being involved in a Massachusetts car crash is a traumatic event. In many cases, the seconds leading up to the impact are a blur, and once the initial adrenaline response fades, shock can quickly set in. However, those who are involved in a car accident have a responsibility to remain on the scene and render aid, if at all possible.

Hulk Hogan files another medical malpractice lawsuit

Massachusetts readers may remember wrestling star Hulk Hogan. The industry veteran was once one of the most successful wrestlers in the country, and continues to remain visible in the wrestling world. Hogan is making recent headlines for reasons unrelated to his wrestling career, however, following his filing of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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