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Traumatic brain injuries can occur with no immediate symptoms

A recent alert to the marathon victims about brain injuries is a meaningful message that may also benefit others with brain trauma. A medical organization in Massachusetts says that many people may suffer head trauma and traumatic brain injuries but not know it. That is because there may be no outward signs right away that point to a brain injury.

Massachusetts spinal cord injuries: New hope for hand use

Those that suffer paralysis from a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident or other personal injury typically have a long and difficult road to recovery. Spinal cord injuries, in particular, are debilitating. Some patients never regain use of important bodily functions. One bright spot is that medical research and technology have combined to provide hope for new procedures and treatments to help patients recover use of some activities that many thought would never happen.

Medical malpractice includes Massachusetts dental procedures

When an individual seeks medical care, he or she assumes a high level of professionalism and expertise will be applied to their specific medical concern. The same level of care is expected in dental procedures, as well. Massachusetts residents place their trust in the competence and skill of the medical professionals who serve them and in many cases, place their lives in the hands of these individuals. When that trust is violated, a medical malpractice suit becomes an avenue of legal recourse.

Massachusetts car accident kills college student

When we get behind the wheel of our vehicles, we are placing our lives and personal safety in the hands of every other driver with whom we share the road. This reality is something that not many Massachusetts residents consider, largely because the truth of the matter is that we have very little control over the repercussions of the actions of others. One recent tragic car accident exemplifies this, and serves as a warning to all drivers of the importance of paying close attention to the actions of other drivers.

Massachusetts car accident leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

When a car crash takes place, Massachusetts investigators work to determine the course of events that led to the incident, and whether one party was at fault. The results of a car accident investigation are ultimately issued in an accident report. The victims of a serious accident and the families of any parties who lost their lives in a crash often turn to this report to understand how the accident occurred, and to determine how they should proceed.

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