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Spinal cord injuries suffered by tour bus accident victim

Massachusetts readers may recall the tragic bus accident that injured a multitude of student passengers and their chaperones that were visiting Harvard University last February. The bus driver was navigating through Boston with the aid of a Global Positioning System. Somehow, the bus ended up on Soldier's Field Road, and the driver either did not see or ignored warning signs about height limitations. He struck an overpass, injuring as many as 35 passengers, including one that suffered spinal cord injuries.

As vehicle tech gear improves, will auto accident rates rise?

Fewer generations have seen a wider range of change than those of us alive today. The advent of the Internet, in particular, has changed the way that we work, play and communicate. The ability to interact in real time and gain a wealth of data within a few keystrokes is nothing short of astounding, and has led to a multitude of improvements in the quality of our lives. There are, however, disadvantages to living in a world in which more and more of our time is spent 'wired, ' and many believe that increased auto accident statistics in Massachusetts and elsewhere are the likely outcome of a new wave of technologically advanced vehicles.

Car accident kills woman on Massachusetts Turnpike

The main wish for drivers and passengers, Massachusetts residents included, is that they are never involved in an accident. However, most people do end up in a car accident at some point in their lives. After being involved in a crash, the biggest hope is that no one is injured. Unfortunately, injuries are a possibility, and a car accident involving just one or multiple vehicles can be equally devastating.

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