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July 2013 Archives

Massachusetts car accident could result in personal injury claims

An Accident Reconstruction Team in Massachusetts is currently investigating a two-car accident in which several people were injured. A van carrying two adults and four children was struck head on by a pickup truck. It is unknown what caused the driver of the truck to crash into the van causing this serious car accident. As more information is gathered it could be determined the driver of the truck was operating his vehicle in a negligent manner. If so, the door could be open for criminal charges and civil litigation.

Massachusetts child hit by car sustains brain injury

Parents are no stranger to scratches and scrapes. These types of injuries are a regular part of childhood. Unfortunately, a parent's worst nightmare, the severe injury or death of a child, can come true as well. One Massachusetts family is reeling from just such a tragedy, after a car struck their 6-year-old son and left him with a brain injury.

Parents of teen drivers can be held responsible for car accidents

Given that over half of teen drivers in Massachusetts will have a car accident in their first two years behind the wheel, it is very important parents take responsibility for their teen drivers. Educating teen drivers about the responsibilities of operating a vehicle keeps the teen driver and other drivers safe. As a parent, responsibility exists for teen drivers, which includes fiscal responsibility if that teen is at fault in a car accident. Victims who suffer injuries in an accident with a negligent teenager may have recourse to seek civil compensation.

New technology could help prevent brain injury

In the world of sports, head trauma/brain injury can be sustained instantly or over a period of time. After eight years playing football for the NFL, Isaiah Kacyvenski is no stranger to concussions. Through his role as the sports business development director at mc10, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he is able to use technology to help coaches and parents better protect their players from brain injury.

Jury awards $1 million to woman in medical malpractice claim

There's a popular belief in some personal injury circles that says that very elderly clients cannot collect much as personal injury claimants due to their limited years remaining. It's often said that juries will not be sympathetic to the suffering of plaintiffs 80 and older. As in all things, that bubble was punctured by a recent jury ruling awarding $1 million in damages to an 82-year-old woman for a botched surgery that gave her permanent nerve damage. The case was not tried in Massachusetts but the medical malpractice principles of negligence are the same as here.

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