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New technology could help prevent brain injury

In the world of sports, head trauma/brain injury can be sustained instantly or over a period of time. After eight years playing football for the NFL, Isaiah Kacyvenski is no stranger to concussions. Through his role as the sports business development director at mc10, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he is able to use technology to help coaches and parents better protect their players from brain injury.

CHECKLIGHT, a thin skullcap which can be worn under a helmet, serves as an indicator of head trauma. Upon impact, sensors in the cap indicate the severity of the impact, which alerts coaches and parents, as well as trainers and athletes. Measures can then be taken to ensure the player does not sustain further brain injury by continuing to play in the game.

Should the impact to the player's head be severe enough a red or yellow indicator light alerts those in a position to care for the player. The skull cap does not interfere with the competition of the game and is suitable for all sports in which brain injury is a possibility. As a board member of the Boston, Massachusetts based nonprofit, Sports Legacy Institute, Kacyvenski is able to educate others about head trauma in sports. The Sport Legacy Institute's main function is to advance the study, prevention, and treatment of brain injury in athletes.

Many players sustain brain injuries during sporting events each year and traumatic brain injuries can have life changing results. Children are especially susceptible to brain injury as their bodies and minds are still developing. The prevention of brain injury is the responsibility of parents, coaches, and other responsible adults. Those who are negligent in a manner that causes or substantially contributes to a serious personal injury may face claims of civil liability for reimbursement of monetary damages sustained.

Source: pressconnects.com, "Isaiah Kacyvenski on the cutting edge," Kevin Stevens, June 28, 2013

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