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Massachusetts birth injuries: Mother awareded $4M in lawsuit

Most Massachusetts mothers would agree that having a baby is one of the most natural and beautiful things that a woman will ever do. However, there is always that risk that complications can occur and possibly even lead to birth injuries for both the mother and the child. In the worst cases, one or both could suffer severe injuries or even death.

One woman filed a lawsuit against her obstetrician because she and her daughter both suffered permanent injuries during her daughter's birth. The woman claimed, and a jury agreed as evidenced by the $4 million verdict, that her doctor should have performed a Cesarean when it became obvious that the birth was not going according to plan. However, the doctor insisted that a natural birth was possible.

When the baby's shoulder became wedged in the mother's pelvis, the doctor used forceps to remove the child. It took nearly three-and-a-half minutes for him to free the baby. During that time, the baby was deprived of oxygen. Once delivered, the neonatal unit at the hospital had to be called in to resuscitate the baby. She was then transferred to another hospital in Pennsylvania where they performed a "brain cooling" procedure in an attempt to limit brain damage.

The procedure was not entirely successful, and it was alleged that the obstetrician's failure to provide adequate care caused the little girl to develop cerebral palsy and other neurological problems. The mother claims that she is now incontinent and can't work. The doctor maintains that he didn't do anything wrong and may appeal the verdict.

All of the hope and excitement of having a child can be dashed in mere minutes when complications arise. Dreams of having a perfect bundle of joy can be destroyed by birth injuries. Parents may not love their children any less, but a doctor who failed to provide the appropriate level of care in the situation need to be held accountable for their actions. Any Massachusetts mother who believes that she or her child was injured due to doctor negligence has the right to seek monetary compensation for the ordeal.

Source: articles.mcall.com, Lehigh County jury awards $4 million in birth injury suit, Peter Hall, Sept. 11, 2013

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