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Massachusetts car accident takes the life of beloved man

The loss of a family member is never an easy thing to cope with emotionally. It is even more difficult to process a death knowing that their loved one's death was easily preventable and potentially solely the result of someone else's negligence. The family of a man in Massachusetts killed in a car accident has found coping with his death earlier this month even more difficult due to the fact that the man allegedly responsible has yet to be charged.

The accident occurred in early August at night. The 58-year-old man and his wife were traveling on a motorcycle to a local restaurant to meet with other cyclists. Reports indicate the man noticed a sports utility vehicle coming toward them and did his best to protect his wife from the inevitable collision. The man died as a result.

Although his wife survived the accident, she faces serious injuries and a lengthy recovery period. Both of her legs were broken and her hip had to be replaced. Additionally, three vertebrae were broken among other injuries. She is currently in a rehabilitation facility, and the family is postponing the man's funeral until she is well enough to attend. While authorities are determining whether there is enough evidence to prosecute the driver of the SUV, police suspect that the man, returning home from a wedding, was under the influence of alcohol.

While the man's siblings, who report that he helped raise them, struggle to accept his loss, his wife will have an extremely long recovery period as a result of the car accident -- financially, emotionally, and physically. In addition to the cost of her deceased husband's funeral, she will also face medical bills and possibly lost wages as she continues her recovery. Even without the criminal charges, the woman has the option of seeking relief from the financial burden of the accident by taking her case to a Massachusetts civil court. If she can prove that the driver's negligence caused the accident, she could receive compensation for expenses she now faces.

Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Family seeks justice in Spencer motorcyle fatality, Kim Ring, Aug. 26, 2013

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