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January 2014 Archives

Is Massachusetts good at avoiding emergency room errors?

A recent survey of emergency medical care throughout the country by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) resulted in Massachusetts receiving high marks. As a matter of fact, the state was ranked second in the nation. However, the Massachusetts Nursing Association (MNA) does not share the same confidence that the state is doing such a good job at avoiding emergency room errors.

2 men killed in car accident by Massachusetts high school

Authorities are investigating a horrific crash that took the lives of two men. The devastation was so bad that police are not even sure which man was driving the vehicle. One of the men succumbed to his injuries soon after the car accident, while the other died several hours later at a Massachusetts hospital.

Driver in fatal Massachusetts car accident faces charges

Sometimes, discerning who is at fault for a crash is not easy. It could take time for authorities to piece together what happened in order to determine exactly what happened in a car accident. It took several days for the authorities to sort out the details of a Massachusetts collision that happened on Dec. 31.

Medical malpractice suit filed after little girl's death

Massachusetts readers may have heard about the little girl whose trip to the dentist turned deadly. Her parents were told she needed four root canals. On Dec. 3, they took her in to have the work done. What happened while the little girl was in the dentist's chair led her parents to file a medical malpractice claim.

Outpatient surgery center will appeal personal injury award

Massachusetts readers may have heard about a jury on the west coast that recently awarded a banker more than $500,000 for the injuries he suffered after a surgery. He alleged that he contracted an infection after the surgery that has resulted in permanent injury to his knee. Reports indicate that the outpatient surgery center will appeal the personal injury award.

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